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Phil Bradley (February 25, 2015): Searching the dark web more easily
You've heard about the dark web - that deep undercover element which is full of illegal offerings, which has until now been really difficult to search.
You needed to download and use the TOR browser which provides reasonable anonymity, and then hunt down the content that you're looking for. Well, there's a new resource available which is actually indexing pages and making them available as regular .html content. Because it's doing that, Google can now index them itself. Currently there's only about 650,000 pages, but I think you can rest assured that there will be more in the future. Simply get thee hence to Onion City and try it out. You'll actually find that you're searching a Google custom search engine, so if you prefer, you can go direct to Google and run a site search on site:onion.city for the same results... (http://philbradley.typepad.com/phil_bradleys_weblog/2015/02/searching-the-dark-web-more-easily.html)

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