A “search engine for your memories”

VALERIE YU (February 3, 2016): Could a new search engine save patients?
These days, considering the astronomical amount of information it has on you, chances are, your search engine has achieved creeper status. It probably knows the stores you frequent, the restaurants you’ve scanned Yelp for — and maybe even a few medical issues. At IBM, inventor James Kozloski recently filed a patent for technology that takes things a bit further. Though its premise sounds a little too close for comfort, at its heart, this innovation holds promise for a greater good.
A system that The Atlantic dubbed a “search engine for your memories,” the patent outlines a real-time cognitive assistant that will essentially “help finish your sentences for you.”
“The idea is quite simple,” Kozloski told The Atlantic. “You monitor an individual’s context, whether it’s what they’re saying or what they’re doing … and you predict what comes next.”... (http://dailytrojan.com/2016/02/03/could-a-new-search-engine-save-patients/)

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